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Villainous Cavern is the culmination of collaborative efforts within CGT 31700: Planning and Communicating in Themed Entertainment Design, which is a course part of the Themed Entertainment Design certification program at IUPUI. Conceived as a thematic dining experience strategically positioned within a theme park setting, my responsibilities encompassed the development of a comprehensive 3D mockup and floorplan for the main dining hall.

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June 2022

I have had the chance to work with Muhammad Ihsan Akbar Satrio on our ride concept entry for the Themed Attraction Student Showcase 2022. My contributions to the project include 3D Modeling a trackless ride vehicle, a fictional species of Komodo Dragon, a set of AR Glasses and designing a ride scene.

Komodo Expedition is a dark ride where volunteers (guests) take pictures of Komodo Dragons in order to contribute to a research conducted by Professor Benjamin after hearing rumors of a rare species roaming around the tropical forests of Rinca Island.

See the full entry at

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June 2021

Uni·Que is an immersive interactive experience inspired by my personal experience of looking for belongings after misplacing them around my home. For this experience, I wanted to focus on immersion by allowing the player to interact with the world and the character through unconventional means such as scanning QR codes and data obtained from them. 

The player utilizes the webcam to scan items received from QR codes in order to progress the experience. Some QR codes provide clues to guide the player to the next quest.

This project was made for my DMA senior capstone project in interactivity and games with guidance from

Chandler McWilliams and Zhengyang Huang.

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C̶O̶M̶P̶O̶S̶ ̶M̶E̶N̶T̶I̶S̶

Fall 2020

Video documentation of my final project for DESMA 171 (Topics in Machine Learning). Project includes images, words and sound generated using machine learning. This project illustrates the effects of being cooped up for too long. Music starts to sound jumbled up (Audio Style Transfer), staring at the screen too long causes hallucination/afterimages (StyleGan2), and posters become a bit dark (RunwayML text generation). The only way to get away is to look/go outside.

This project is based on my personal experience as a designer, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Instructed by Parag K Mital and Zhengyang Huang.

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Spring 2020

For my final worldbuilding class project, I wanted to depict the neighborhood I live in Jakarta. The player is able to explore the streets and alleyways, interact with NPCs, and walk into houses. 3D Models modeled in Blender, game programmed in Unity.

Instructed by Eddo Stern.

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Spring 2019

An interactive art piece that allows multiple users to connect and interact with each other in a vast ocean. Users take the form of an 'Ocean Spirit' as they interact with fish to change their swimming direction, and move graciously across the calming space.

Other users who are currently connected are represented as green Ocean Spirits. Coded with p5.js, node.js, and

You can try it for yourself by clicking here.

Final project for my interactivity class instructed by Lauren McCarthy.

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